The Manchester Tamil Association is a non-political, non-profit, cultural organisation for Tamils living in and around the Greater Manchester area.We actively support cultural and social integration. At the same time, we emphasise that our children should understand, learn and preserve the richheritage of Tamil culture and the Tamil language - the association always strives hard for this through its various cultural and social activities
New Constitution


 As of 4th of June 2017, MTA became a registered charity.   


The four main purposes of this were:


To incorporate a new structure, due to the growth of the school

 To further develop both the association and school

 To take into account the new legal requirement

 To register as a charity with the charity commission


Charity registration number: 1177434


Purposes of the charity as set out in its governing document is

To advance the education of children and young people aged 4-18 through the provision of education in Tamil language and fine arts including singing and classical dance.


Mr Veerasingam Kuralarasu

Dr Senathirajah Ariyaratnam

Mrs Supethini Arumuham

Dr Santhilingam Jegatheeswaran

Mr Francis Arockiaraj

Mr Koilraj Moses



Membership of the MTA is only open to teachers and volunteers of the school, as well as any fee paying parent of the school who is interested in furthering its purposes, and who, by applying for membership has indicated his or her agreement to become a member and acceptance of the duty of members.  All those who wish to be members must be aged 18 or over.